Robotic Process Automation: Automation integrates critical applications for a large medical centre

A highly respected medical centre was faced with the challenge of managing thousands of nurses. To manage this complexity, the centre relies on three critical applications from different vendors: a human resource system, a time and attendance system, and a personnel system. These three applications (with their various inputs, outputs and interfaces) must be kept up to date and in sync at all times. Several tools were tested to achieve synchronisation, but without success.

Ultimately, the solution was found in Fortra’s Automate, which uses a powerful RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solution that takes repetitive, manual tasks and hands them off to helpful software bots to streamline workflows. Automate gave the centre the application security and synchronisation it needed.

The Centre has now developed and implemented more than 80 automation tasks with Automate and now has achieved major cost savings of approximately $150,000 per year with a 650% ROI.

Read the full case study on the Fortra website.

Source: Fortra Website