SmartTechNXT showcases Software Robots in Action

On Thursday, June 30, SmartTechNXT organised a ‘Peak under the hood’ event offered by the World Trade Centre Twente #businessclub. The theme was “Software Robots in Action.”

During the event, all participants had the opportunity to get a unique insiders perspective on the benefits of using Software Robots. For example, within a company or department, there are often steps in routine processes that could be actioned by some kind of automation.

Capturing received invoices is a good example of a routine process that can be automated. Invoices come in different formats and often with numerous attachments. Someone invariably needs to manually transfer the data from these invoices to the payment system. Using a smart solution from SmartTechNXT, the invoice can be extracted, automatically scanned, and the relevant information transferred to the payment system for further processing and payment.

The participants were invited to actively participate in building their Task-Bot using the Fortra Automate RPA tool. The interactive demonstration showed how to extract data from a website, or PDF, and place the data into a spreadsheet for further manipulation. Everyone was surprised at how simple it was to use the Automate bot studio.

The event concluded with a delightful South African wine and biltong reception, where the anniversary of SmartTechNXT B.V.’s establishment in Hengelo, Netherlands, was celebrated with a taste of its proudly South African roots.

If you are interested in a no-obligation demonstration or want to learn more about robot process automation, please feel free to contact us.