PetanqueNXT announces SmartTechNXT as a NewCo delivering Intelligent Automated Business Process Solutions

Dr Laureen van Aswegen is the newly appointed CEO of SmartTechNXT

Hengelo, The Netherlands & Cape Town, South Africa. 16 July 2021. PétanqueNXT announced the establishment of SmartTechNXT as an independent NewCo that will focus on delivering Intelligent Automated Business Process Solutions in Europe and Africa. SmartTechNXT offers smart automation and digitalisation to accelerate the harmonisation of human and digital workforces in the manufacturing, finance, legal and people management sectors.

Dr Laureen van Aswegen, will lead the independent company SmartTechNXT and has over 25 years combined experience in executive technical leadership and business process transformation in multinational companies. SmartTechNXT uses the latest smart technologies to automate business processes.

“Organisations that choose simpler, smarter automation are better equipped to thrive in a highly digitised and fast-moving world. Our mission is to create simplified, people-centric ways to digitally transform businesses,” says Dr Van Aswegen.

SmartTechNXT helps businesses to:

  • Streamline processes for accuracy and speed
  • Set up and execute business wide automation
  • Accelerate transformation with citizen development
  • Solve business challenges efficiently with low code or no code tech
  • Effortlessly integrate smart tech with legacy systems

“We super charge business processes for quick return on investment through robotic process automation, Intelligent Document Processing, Blockchain or the Internet of Things,” she continues. “We look forward to working with organisations throughout Europe and Africa with a special focus on the Netherlands and South Africa.”

Dr Van Aswegen assumed the role as Chief Executive Officer of SmartTechNXT on 1 July 2021. She has held technical leadership roles in end-to-end supply over her 25-year career in Engineering & Manufacturing. Prior to joining Pétanque NXT she led the Digital Transformation of the Network of Capability Centres at Anheuser-Busch InBev across 14 markets.

She is a founding member of Pétanque NXT Smart Solutions B.V. together with Dr Michélle Booysen the Group President of Pétanque NXT. Pétanque NXT has an established track record as being the partner of choice for practical business and digital transformation. “Starting with processes, we achieve business goals through effective smart tech, change management and results tracking. And we have been doing so for 20 years!” says Dr Booysen. SmartTechNXT, the intelligent automation spin-off of PétanqueNXT, has its headquarters in the World Trade Center Twente in The Netherlands and also operates from its offices in Cape Town, South Africa. The transition of SmartTechNXT as an independent NewCo will be complete by 31, August, 2021.

“Dr Van Aswegen brings veteran experience and insights when delivering innovative services and solutions through new technologies to the success of our customers, whether SMEs and multinationals. She shares our unwavering commitment to deliver excellent value to customers and move business to Society 5.0, one which is human-centred and integrated with super-smart solutions.” says Dr Booysen.

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ABOUT SmartTechNXT: We create simple, smarter automation. At SmartTechNXT we automate business processes with smart technology in service of people to unlock business value. We use the latest smart technologies to automate business processes in manufacturing, finance, legal and people management. Across industries smart automation manages high volume business processes. Our mission is to create SIMPLIFIED pathways to business transformations, regardless of your outcome​. Simultaneously we convert your workforce to citizen coders freeing them to do rewarding tasks that win work.

The transition of SmartTechNXT as an independent NewCo was completed on 31, August, 2021.

ABOUT PetanqueNXT: We create tomorrow’s businesses, today. PetanqueNXT aims to move businesses, cities and local government to Society 5.0: a super-SMART, human-centered integrated society that balances economic growth with environmental and social objectives. PetanqueNXT believes in ethical Smart Tech that is considered, fit-for-purpose and keeps humans central in digitalization design. We simplify complexity in business and 4th IR technologies through storyboard-style process architecture.